Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Portfolio Updated!

Today I finally updated my portfolio! And I admit it was long overdue. A lot of the stuff on there has been there since I started in 2009 and no longer represented my best work. I also took the time to finally take screenshots of the work I did on Crysis 3 and the Crysis 3 DLC. It's nice to give it a spot and create space in my head for all the new things that are coming in the future. It was an absolute blast to work on the Crysis franchise and looking back at all the art & levels in the game, I feel very proud to have been part of this project.

Once Ryse is officially in stores I will add some the things I did for that game as well. I'm also pretty far along with a personal piece that I will put up once its done. but until then please enjoy the update.
To see the updated version just follow the link:

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